Portlaoise Diesel Injection

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Portlaoise Diesel Injection Ltd. are 30 years in the diesel business repairing all types of pumps and injectors.


All pumps and injectors are repaired in our work shop and not sent for repair in other countries so keeping jobs going here in Ireland.

John Brennan is the MD and has been working with Diesel systems for 30 years.
"We are constantly investing in new test equipment to ensure that we are able to deal with the ever changing modern diesel engine."

His team consists of 5 mechanics/technicians, 4 Diesel Technicians along with Eugene and Siobhan handling sales and purchasing.

With 3 common rail test benches for pumps and 2 for standard pumps we can cater for every make, model and brand.

We have one of the largest diagnostic set ups in Ireland and can test any type of system, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and closter problems.

All our ford, opel, man vp pumps are fitted with new ecu and valves hence 12 months warranty as repaired ecu's do not last.

Portlaoise Diesel Injection Ltd. is a registered company and Vat registered.